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Wood vs. vinyl fencing

Wood vs. vinyl fencing

If you’re in the market for a new fence, it’s important to explore all options before choosing the right material. There are so many different types of fences available today but two options that are on the top of the list would be wood and vinyl. Both options offer different styles and benefits while also having their own drawbacks. The experts here at Town & Country Fence are familiar with both materials and can help you make an informed decision on what fence is best for you. It’s important to factor in cost, style, maintenance and durability before finalizing your decision. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons to both wood and vinyl fences as well as the key differences.

Wooden fences

Wooden fences are arguably the most popular choice when it comes to residential fencing. Available in so many different styles and colours, wood offers a timeless yet simple look. If you’re going for a naturally beautiful and warm style, wood is the way to go.

The pros

Wood can be sustainably sourced making it an eco-friendly fencing option. This can be very important for some homeowners who are looking to be environmentally conscious when picking materials for their new fence.
Wood fences aren’t overly expensive so if cost is a concern, wood might be the best option for you.
Like we mentioned already, wood fences are beautiful options that come in many different shapes and colours. Wood is easily customizable which allows you to have more freedom when picking a style.

The cons

No fencing material is going to be perfect. For wooden fences, it is important to understand that they require regular maintenance in order to guarantee a long lifespan. This includes regular staining, painting and/or sealing.
Wood fences are susceptible to damage from insects, UV rays and harsh climates. This means it is hard to predict how long your wooden fence will last. The wood can rot, warp and crack so staying on top of regular maintenance is imperative.
Depending on the type of wood you go for, maintenance costs can add up although initial installation costs were low.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl fences are clean and modern options for homeowners looking to install a fence that is extremely low maintenance. Vinyl fences are also available in many different styles and colours so customizing your fence is possible.

The pros

The biggest appeal a vinyl fence has is that it is virtually maintenance free. Homeowners who want to install a fence that they don’t need to worry about will often go for vinyl because the most you’ll ever need to do is rinse it off if it becomes dirty.
Vinyl fences are not as susceptible to weather conditions, rot or insects as wooden fences are. This means their lifespan is longer and you won’t have to worry about weather proofing.
Vinyl fences are available in different styles which means if you don’t want the classic white look of a vinyl fence, you can opt for something else. There are even options now on the market that mimic the look of a wooden fence.

The cons

If the environment is something that you want to be conscious of when choosing a fence material, it is important to know that vinyl is not biodegradable. Unfortunately it is produced using chemicals and fossil fuels unlike wood.
Vinyl fencing installation can be costly compared to wood fencing. The upfront cost can deter some people away from it. But remember, maintenance costs are going to be little to none.
If your vinyl is badly damaged, repairing it could be impossible. Usually if a section of your vinyl fence is damaged, it will need to be replaced entirely.


The experts at Town & Country Fence understand that finding the right fence is not always easy. All fencing materials have their benefits and drawbacks so choosing the right one can be difficult. Wooden fences will remain a top choice for the foreseeable future as they are cost effective, sustainable and they offer a beautiful natural look. However be prepared to regularly pay to maintain your fence. If you want a maintenance free fence that has a longer lifespan, go for the vinyl. This is another beautiful option that doesn’t need regular maintenance but it can be more costly during initial installation and is not nearly as environmentally friendly as wood.

If you’re still stuck on what option is best suited for you, let us know what you’re looking for in terms of aesthetics, your budget and willingness to perform maintenance and we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate and recommendations on fencing materials. There are more fences to choose from other than wood and vinyl and we touch on those in our other blog posts.

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