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At Town and Country Fence, we do a lot more than just make fences – we’re a part of the Redmond community. We get that in Redmond, a fence isn’t only about marking where your property starts and ends. It also makes your house or business look better, keeps it safe, and gives you your own private space.

We’re skilled at building fences in the Pacific Northwest, and our team is excited to make the perfect fence for you, whether it’s for your home or your business. Looking for a brand-new fence, need to fix the one you have, or want to make your old fence better? We’ve got your back. We work hard to meet the special fencing needs of Redmond with our wide variety of awesome services.

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If you’re wondering whether we can help you in your area, or if you have special things you need for your fence, just give us a call! We’re committed to helping people in Redmond and the nearby Seattle areas. We know these places really well, so we can totally take care of your fencing needs with our expert skills. At Town and Country Fence, we’re not just about putting up fences – we’re all about making lasting partnerships in the Redmond community.

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  • South Lake Union
  • Central District
  • West Seattle

Northern Washington


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Got fencing on your mind? Let’s talk! We’re here to guide you through our range of fencing services and find the ideal match for your home or business. With us, you’re in safe hands – we’re fully bonded and insured, ensuring you’re partnering with a team that’s both reputable and reliable, and you’ll never owe us a down-payment. With nearly 60 years installing fences in the Pacific Northwest, our experience speaks for itself in the quality of work we deliver. Reach out to us below, or call (425)775-053 now for a chat about your fencing needs or to snag a free estimate.

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