How Do You Find the Best Fencing Company in Seattle?

How Do You Find the Best Fencing Company in Seattle?

In this blog post, you’ll find how to find the best fencing company in Seattle. The thing with building a fence is, at first, you’re full of ideas and enthusiasm. You’re confident you can do it on your own, and before you know it, your project is completed. But unlike most other home improvement projects, this one begs for professional help. Unless you’re a pro, the results of your DIY will be far from satisfactory – it could even end in a disaster.

Why Building a Fence is No DIY

Building a fence isn’t like replacing a broken doorknob or installing a bathroom fixture. You’re better off hiring a qualified contractor for the following reasons:
● The Size and Scale of the Job: Fences come in all sizes and shapes, so it’s imperative that you have the right measurements before you start building. A professional fencing company will provide accurate measurements and ensure your fence is installed correctly.
● Quality Materials: Your fence should be constructed with durable and strong materials that can withstand hot summers, wet winters, and various weather conditions. Your lack of knowledge of materials can be a big disadvantage as you may end up using the wrong stuff that won’t last for long.

So, before you even think about buying fencing materials or start building, you must find and hire a professional company. And to do that, you must be at peace with the reality that you’re never going to build it yourself. Once that’s out of the way, you can finally start looking for a qualified fencing company in Seattle.

Getting started on your search is actually the easy part. You can do it online, and researching prospective contractors from multiple sources makes perfect sense as it’ll give you some more “wiggle” room to find the best one for your project.
But then comes the tricky part – finding out if the company you’re hiring is legitimate and trustworthy. Everyone will say they’re the best, especially in Seattle, where you’ll meet hundreds of fencing companies. The reality is the best of the lot stands out from the others in more ways than one.

Industry Experience

Let me ask you this: if given a choice to pick between a start-up and a decade-old company, which would you choose? The answer is quite obvious because, as it turns out, the company with more years in business will likely have a larger customer base, a better reputation, and extensive experience.

There’s more to fencing than choosing a material and having it installed. A fence contractor with at least a decade of building fences for residential and commercial properties in Seattle is likely to have faced almost all types of challenges and knows exactly what to do. For example, the company must know how to comply with local safety codes if you need to build a fence around a swimming pool.

Product Range and Availability

It’s a “must” for a contractor to have a wide range of fencing products and materials in various colours, designs, sizes, etc. And it should be easy for you to buy them from them; if not, they should be well-connected to help you procure whatever you need.

Availability is a foremost concern, especially if you’re looking at a not-so-common fencing material, i.e., that’s not widely used in the area. If the contractor doesn’t have or can’t procure it quickly, you might end up waiting weeks for your project to be complete – something no property would want.

A Knack for Following Regulations

Every city has a unique set of guidelines and local rules when it comes to fencing, and contractors must comply with them or risk hefty fines. You must confirm if the contractor you’re considering has a clear understanding of these regulations so they can help you avoid any legal complications in the future.

In Seattle, fence height in neighbourhood residential zones is limited to six feet (although aesthetic additions like a trellis are given an additional two feet of allowance). Sloping fences can be maximized at eight feet, although there are restrictions in certain areas.

There’s a lot of paperwork to fill out and permissions you must get before building your fence. It’s not like you decide to build one and not know what to do next. Finding a contractor who knows the laws and permits needed is key for smooth project completion. It’s also a safeguard against possible fines if authorities spot an illegal fence.

Workmanship Guarantee

The best contractors in Seattle provide workmanship guarantees. It could be in the form of an insurance policy or a guarantee on their end – you must confirm this with them. After all, who do you turn to if something goes wrong and you don’t have any coverage for it?

At the same time, these contractors will also provide maintenance and repair services for their fences. If you ever need to get something replaced or if any of the parts need a quick fix, they should offer these services at a reasonable rate.

Choosing the Right Avenue for Your Search

You’ve probably spent countless hours scouring the web for fencing contractors in and around Seattle. But that’s not the best way to go about it. Yes, social media’s a big help, just not enough for you to come across the right contractor.

The most reliable way to find a contractor is by asking people you know who’ve built fences with professional help. They can provide valuable information about the contractors they worked with, the materials used, how reasonable the rates were, etc. You can also ask family, friends, or neighbours for references.

Don’t forget to ask other tradespeople, especially those who’ve worked with the contractor in the past. Usually, they’ll be able to provide candid feedback about their experience and suggest reliable names based on it.

It’s not just about going through the list of available contractors in Seattle and picking one; it takes more than that. You must ensure they’re experienced, have a wide range of fencing products and materials, understand local regulations, provide guarantee/insurance coverage on their workmanship, and can offer repair and maintenance services. Doing your due diligence in this regard will ensure you find the best contractor for your investment in a new fence.

Last Thoughts On The Best Seattle Fencing Company

Finding the best fencing company in Seattle requires a combination of diligent research, reading customer reviews, assessing the quality of work, and comparing price points. Don’t rush the process. Take your time to engage with potential companies, ask questions about their experience with cedar fencing, their installation methods, and after-sales service.

Seek a company that shows a commitment to quality craftsmanship and has a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Ultimately, the best fencing company will not only deliver a superior fence but will also provide a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

With the right company, your investment in a cedar fence will pay off in both aesthetic appeal and durability, gracing your property for years to come. If you want a quote for a fence then please give Town & Country a call. With Town & Country Fence, you don’t have to put any money down to start building your fence today.

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