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Is Cedar Fencing Worth It?

Is Cedar Fencing Worth It?

A fence can do wonders to your property by enhancing aesthetics, security, and privacy. Among the many choices available, cedar fencing stands out, boasting a unique blend of beauty, durability, and eco-friendliness.

But is a cedar fence the right choice for you? Let’s delve deeper into the essence of cedar fencing and how it compares to chain link and iron alternatives.

Understanding Cedar Fencing: Why Cedar?

Cedar wood, not surprisingly, is derived from the cedar tree, and is a time-honored material in fencing, prized for its rich, warm hues and distinctive grain patterns. It is renowned for its rich, warm, reddish-brown hues and distinctive grain patterns. These naturally beautiful qualities make it an aesthetically appealing choice for fences. Cedar fences add a rustic yet sophisticated touch to any landscape and can be designed to complement various architectural styles.

The Benefits of Cedar Fencing: Going Beyond Aesthetics

However, it’s not just the physical allure that makes cedar a favorite. This wood type exhibits robust resistance to decay and pests, thanks to its natural oils, and offers notable durability, even in harsh weather conditions.

Durability and Longevity

A cedar fence is a long-term investment. Naturally resistant to rot, insects, and harsh climates, a well-maintained cedar fence can gracefully withstand the test of time, with a lifespan extending up to 30 years or more.

An increase in property value.

Investing in a cedar fence can significantly enhance a property’s value, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Cedar’s timeless, natural appeal enhances curb appeal, making a strong first impression that can attract potential buyers. Additionally, cedar fences offer superior durability and longevity, characteristics highly valued in outdoor features.

They provide a sense of privacy and security, which are significant factors that homebuyers consider when evaluating properties. Plus, cedar’s inherent resistance to decay and pests translates to lower maintenance costs over time, a factor that can positively influence a property’s resale value.
Environmentally Friendly

As a renewable, biodegradable resource, cedar is an environmentally friendly choice, producing a smaller carbon footprint compared to synthetic fencing materials.

Resistance to Insects

Cedar’s aromatic oils do more than just emit a pleasant scent; they also play a role in deterring wood-boring insects, reducing the risk of damage to your fence. This natural insect resistance gives cedar an edge over other wood types and contributes to its longevity.

Sound and Wind Barrier

Cedar fences are not just about aesthetics and durability. They also serve practical purposes. A cedar fence acts as an effective sound barrier, muffling the noise from the street. Plus, due to its structure, it serves as a windbreak, shielding your yard from gusty winds.

The Costs of Cedar Fencing: A Worthwhile Investment?

While cedar fences tend to cost more upfront than many other fencing options, their longevity and minimal need for replacements or repairs can make them a more cost-effective choice over time. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and occasional staining or sealing, can incur additional costs but will help preserve the fence’s beauty and durability.

Cedar Fencing Versus Other Types of Fences

There are other types of fences available

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are affordable, durable, and require minimal maintenance. However, they lack the visual appeal and privacy that cedar fences provide. While perfect for defining boundaries and containing pets, chain link fences don’t offer much in terms of aesthetic or noise reduction.

Ornamental Iron Fencing

Ornamental Iron fences are strong, durable, and bring an element of classic elegance. However, they can be pricey and require regular maintenance to prevent rust. However, unlike cedar, iron doesn’t offer much privacy unless supplemented with additional materials.

Potential Drawbacks of Cedar Fencing

While cedar has many benefits, it may not be the ideal choice for everyone. The higher initial cost can be a deterrent, and regular maintenance is crucial to prevent color fading and maximize longevity. Additionally, as a natural resource, cedar’s availability can be subject to market fluctuations.

The Longevity of Cedar Fencing

The lifespan of a cedar fence can vary based on a few factors. However, with proper maintenance, you can expect a cedar fence to last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. Some cedar fences have even been known to last up to 40 years with meticulous care!

This impressive longevity is mainly due to cedar’s natural resistance to rot and insects. The wood’s aromatic oils act as a deterrent to many types of wood-boring insects, thereby reducing the risk of damage. Similarly, these oils help to prevent rot, allowing cedar to stand up well against moisture and other weather elements.

Factors Influencing the Lifespan of a Cedar Fence

While cedar is naturally durable, certain factors can influence the lifespan of your cedar fence. These include:

Installation: Proper installation is critical to ensure the longevity of your cedar fence. It’s crucial to use appropriate methods and materials to avoid premature wear and tear.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is vital to keep your cedar fence looking its best and lasting long. This could involve cleaning, staining, or sealing the wood every few years to protect it from the elements.

Climate: The local climate can also affect the lifespan of a cedar fence. Cedar fares well in various weather conditions, but extreme climates may warrant extra care.

Last Thoughts On Is Cedar Worth It?

In sum, cedar fencing is an excellent investment for homeowners seeking a blend of aesthetics, durability, and environmental friendliness. However, it may not be the best choice for those unwilling or unable to invest in its higher upfront cost and maintenance needs. When compared to chain link and iron fencing, cedar offers superior privacy, noise reduction, and rustic charm.

At Town & Country Fencing we have been in business for over 58 years and our team understands the unique qualities of cedar and how to utilize them best for fencing. Their vast experience in cedar fence construction ensures that you get a fence that not only looks great but also lasts for years. If you’re looking for a new cedar fence then please give us a call.

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