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How Much Does a Wood Fence Cost?

How Much Does a Wood Fence Cost?

In this blog post, we’ll look at how much a wood fence costs. The wood fence brings the right level of nostalgia, charm, and privacy to your house.

You’re one of the millions of property owners in North America who’d rather stick to what has worked for centuries, keeping homes, private lands, and businesses away from prying eyes. So let’s look into the cost of building a wooden fence all around your property.

Key Takeaways
• The national average for a wood fence installation cost is around $15,000.
• The total cost will vary based on the materials used, the size of the fence, and labour expenses.
• Wood fences are usually made from cedar, pine, or redwood planks. The cost of each plank depends on its size and type.
• Labour costs for installing a wood fence will depend on your location, the project’s complexity, and other factors.
• Professional installation is highly recommended, especially for larger projects.

Cost Considerations of a Wood Fence

The cost of wood fence installation ranges from $15,000 and can go up from there. You’re probably wondering why the significant range. Well, the answer is quite simple: no two projects are alike. One fencer might be charging you more because they’re using higher quality wood, the fence is larger, or it requires special cuts. Another might be charging less because of their location and other factors.

Seattle property owners planning to install a wood fence should consider the following variables when estimating the total cost:

• Materials – Wood fences are made from various types of lumber. The cost per plank depends on its size and type. Cedar and redwood are resistant to insects and rot, so they’re unsurprisingly the most expensive option. But cedar is susceptible to warping and fading, which means you’ll need to factor in additional maintenance costs.
• Size – The bigger the fence, the more you’ll have to pay due to higher material and labour costs. Fences with special designs, like a lattice top or crisscross pattern, also increase the total price since they require extra cutting and shaping of the planks. Likewise, the size of your fence will determine how many planks you’ll need.
• Installation – Depending on the project’s specifics, professional fence installers charge different fees. For example, the terrain might be difficult to work with, or the fence might require special bracing and anchors. The complexity of the installation will affect the total cost significantly.

Fence Design: More Than Just Posts and Planks

The complexity of the fence design can also significantly impact the cost. A simple, dog-eared fence is likely to be much cheaper than an intricate lattice design or a fence with customized features like post caps or decorative inserts. The height and length of the fence will also affect how much material you’ll need, thereby influencing the overall price.

In Conclusion

The cost of a wood fence can vary widely depending on several factors such as the type of wood used, the complexity of the design, and the overall length and height of the fence. While the initial investment may be substantial, a well-built wood fence can provide both aesthetic appeal and functional value for years to come.

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