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How to Find a Fencing Estimate Online

How to Find a Fencing Estimate Online

Although investment in fence construction isn’t as grandiose as other home improvement projects (we’re talking about you, pool installation!), it’s still a pricey financial venture. Like all property owners, you hope to get the best value for the money. In so doing, you plan on getting estimates online instead of merely relying on what local contractors offer.
But how do you find the best fencing estimates online, considering that the Internet’s a vast sea of information?

The Fence Calculator

Yes, you read that right! There’s a tool available online, and it’s the best way to get a realistic estimate of your fencing project without the usual partiality of a contractor. A fence calculator is a handy program that provides an estimated cost of materials and labour needed to install a particular type of fence, however, it’s just to get a ballpark figure so you can do basic calculations. There is a lot that goes into a fencing estimate including materials and labor that won’t necessarily be calculated correctly in a fence calculator.

When using any fence calculator online, you must first decide on the length of the fence and the space between each post.
• Length – You’ll need to measure the perimeter of your yard and decide how long you want it. In Seattle, there’s no length restriction, but you do have to limit the fence height to eight feet if you don’t plan on getting a permit.
• Post Space – You’ll also have to determine the space between each post. The standard distance is 6-8 feet, although the spacing will depend on your fence type.
You need these two numbers to calculate the number of posts and boards you’ll need to erect the fence. The fencing calculator will provide this information and an estimate of the cost.
Likewise, other details must be filled in, i.e., the number of horizontal rails, picket width, post diameter, etc. Once all details are filled in, your fence calculator will provide an estimated cost for the project. Keep in mind that every fence calculator will have unique requirements, so see that you read the instructions carefully before you start.
The complexity of your fence will also affect the project’s final cost. If you add features like a gate, lighting, etc., the estimate will go up accordingly. Again, remember, you will need a professional estimator to have a look at your fence to get a more accurate quote.

Professional Fencing Estimate

Anyhow, the fence calculator is merely a reference. If you plan on installing the fence professionally, it’s always best to contact at least three contractors for estimates. Ask them whether they’re licensed before you even start talking about price quotations. Only a licensed fencing contractor can provide an accurate estimate and quality service. Remember that each contractor has different construction fees and additional charges. Your location will also affect the cost of materials and labour.
You can also get an estimate from online fencing retailers. They will take your exact measurements, build a custom fence for you, and then ship it directly to your location. This is often less expensive than hiring a professional fencing contractor but doesn’t include installation charges.
Don’t accept the first estimate blindly. Ask them about the materials they plan on using, labour costs, and other relevant details. You should also confirm whether the contractors will remove your existing fence. Accepting an estimate mindlessly means you plan on paying for things you don’t necessarily need. Clarify matters with the contractor and get the agreement in writing.

Four Requisite Steps in Getting an Accurate Estimate Online

Step 1 – Find the contractor’s website.

You can’t start the query without first finding the contractor’s website such as It should have all the necessary details, such as their contact info and license number. If you find one that’s too confusing to navigate, you should keep looking. Put the number of prospects to at least three. Look for a button or link that says “Request a Quote” or “Free Estimate.” But don’t get right to it – first, browse the website to see if the contractor’s fence projects showcased on the pages are within your expectations or standards.

Step 2 – Measure your fence line.

Once you get a hold of at least three contractors and their websites, it’s time to measure your fence line. Measure the length of the entire perimeter and make a note of any potential obstacles, i.e., trees, posts, drains, etc. Slopes are of particular significance, and never forget to mention this. The reason is the slope of the yard or lot will substantially affect the price estimate.

Step 3 – Fill in the contractor’s form.

Fill out all details about your fencing project accurately. Don’t forget to include the measurements and any other information that you deem relevant. Here’s an important detail: you must answer each question honestly if you expect an accurate estimate. Lying or exaggerating the facts won’t get you a better price. You can fill out our form at

Meanwhile, some contractors would want you to sketch your yard or lot. This is a more effective way to communicate the project details more accurately. Don’t bother making a detailed sketch; draw a few lines on paper and add some basic information.

Step 4 – Send the form and wait for an estimate.

Once you’ve filled in all forms and made sketches (if needed), submit them to the contractor. You should receive an estimate within a few days, but it’s always best to call them and ask for the status of your request. However, a better way to get a fencing estimate is to just call us at Town & Country Fencing at 425-775-0531 and we can help you.

Last Thoughts On A Fencing Estimate

Regardless of your method of finding a fencing estimate, it’s always best to do some comparison shopping. Don’t just stick with one contractor; we said to get at least three prospects earlier to give you options. Compare the estimates, check out their portfolios, conduct interviews, and verify their license before signing an agreement. Anyone who gives an outrageously low estimate should be a red flag, so think twice about it.

For nearly six decades, Town and Country Fence has stood as the premier fencing authority in King and Snohomish Counties in the Seattle area. Our enduring legacy emphasizes our steadfast dedication to our community and to our customers. If you need a new fence, then give us a call today.

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