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About Cedar Fencing

Discover the classic beauty of cedar fences at Town & Country Fence. Cedar fences have been a part of properties in the Pacific Northwest for many years, known for their great looks and long-lasting strength.


At Town and Country Fence, we focus on adding the beauty of cedar to your home. Made from top-quality wood, our fences are not just for privacy or keeping pets safe, but they also make your landscape look even better.

The Benefits of Cedar Fence

Natural Beauty: One of cedar's most notable characteristics is its rich, red-brown hue. Over time, cedar gracefully ages into a distinguished silvery-gray, maintaining its aesthetic appeal throughout its lifespan.

Affordability: Given its longevity, resistance to pests, and minimal maintenance needs, cedar fences often offer more value for your money in the long run when compared to other fencing materials.

Durability and Strength: Cedar is a naturally hard wood, which means it can resist external pressures better than softer woods. This strength contributes to a longer-lasting fence that can withstand the challenges of nature, be it heavy snow or gusty winds.

Resistance to Decay: Cedarwood contains natural oils that act as repellents against termites and other wood-boring insects. This property alone can significantly extend the lifespan of your fence, reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly: Cedar is biodegradable, which means that if ever replaced, it won't leave a lasting footprint in the environment. Plus, cedar trees are plentiful and rapidly regrowing, making cedar harvesting more sustainable compared to other wood types.

The Town and Country Fence Process

Our commitment to making the perfect cedar fence for you starts with a thorough check of your property to understand its unique layout and needs.

After the check, we have a discussion where we help you choose from different types of wood, styles, and finishes to make sure your fence looks exactly how you want it. Keeping your choices in mind, we give you a clear, detailed cost estimate so there are no surprises later. Our skilled team then carefully picks the best cedar wood and installs your fence with top-notch skill, making sure the final fence is even better than you hoped.

Once you make a decision, we give you a detailed cost estimate. Our expert team handles everything - from picking the best wood to installing the fence - making sure the final fence is more than just what you expected.

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