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Wooden Fence Designs Inspired by 90’s TV Shows

When you watch a sitcom from the 90s, a lot of the content may seem outdated, but there’s one element that remains timeless: the fences. Sitcom families are known for their nice houses and many scenes featured exterior shots of both front yard and backyard fences. In many cases, the fences actually become a key part of plots, storylines, and characters.

As you plan the installation of a new wooden fence for your home, take a look back at some of the iconic sitcoms and the fences that were featured on the show. For a better look at the fence designs, you will find some key episodes and moments to check out.

Full House

For eight seasons, the Tanner family enjoyed the beautiful San Francisco weather in their large backyard. In an attempt to keep their neighbor Kimmy Gibbler out of their business, the Tanners used a large wooden fence with thick planks. Even though the fence didn’t truly keep Kimmy away, it did add a lot of nice privacy to the city-based location.

The style featured on the show is closest to an Estate style. It features a flat top and wide boards. The show’s fence features a light stain color, but natural wood would look very similar as well. The best look at the fence comes in the season 7 episode “Wrong-Way Tanner”. There is an extended scene where Michelle practices soccer in the backyard with her father.

She kicks right near the fence and you can see a lot of the style in the fence design. When the Fuller House reboot debuted on Netflix, you could see that the show used the same fence design, showcasing how durable and long-lasting wooden fences can be. In the case of the show, the wooden fence lasted for multiple generations.

Boy Meets World

Set in Philadelphia, the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World ran from 1993 until 2000. One of the key characters on the show was Mr. Feeny, Corey’s teacher and next-door neighbor. The only thing separating their houses was a small wooden fence that got plenty of airtime on the show.

The wooden fence featured a lattice design, which is essentially a criss-cross pattern of thin wooden planks. When you have a wooden fence installed, you have the option to have a shorter fence with a lattice installation or a taller fence with a lattice top. The lattice top allows more natural light into your yard while you still enjoy privacy.

Season one of Boy Meets World features the best look at the fence. The episode entitled “On the Fence” features a storyline where Corey must paint the whole fence. You can choose to paint your fence installation or keep the lattice design with a natural cedar color.

Growing Pains

You don’t have to look hard to find the wooden fence on the classic sitcom Growing Pains. The show premiered in the 80s, but aired well into the 90s, including daily reruns. The family home featured on the show is seen in the opening credits as the Seaver family stands together in front of their house.

The fence featured on the show is a traditionally white picket fence. A wooden picket fence will typically have the stakes installed with spaces between them. The spaces add a nice traditional look and are still placed close enough together to keep pets and children behind the fence.

The white fence style really stands out, especially against green grass and lawn you see through the openings on the fence. Choose a white paint finish, a natural wood finish, or a darker wood stain to add your own personal touch.

Home Improvement

The Tim Allen sitcom Home Improvement essentially made the backyard fence a character in the show. Tim’s neighbor Wilson was known for blocking off half his face with the tall fence in the backyard. Tim often stepped up to the fence for advice from Wilson.

Unlike a lot of other shows with white fences, the fence on this show was all-natural wood. You could see the natural grains in the wood and workmanship that went into putting the fence up. The fence style featured was a mix between an estate and picket fence. Each board on the top featured rounded edges so the characters could easily see through the gaps.

The show was set in the city of Detroit so you could often see the fence hold up during all seasons and weather like snow and rain. Of course, the show was taped in a studio, but the durability of all-natural wood was accurately represented through the four seasons of the show.

Watch some of the shows and then make an appointment with us at Town & Country Fence to find the ideal wooden fence for your property. We have all different styles to choose from and offer years of experience to answer any questions you may have.

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