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Tips to Help Your Wooden Fence Last Longer

Good wooden fences can withstand harsh conditions and insect activity. But they are not indestructible. If you neglect your wooden fence for too long, it might not last as long as you would want it to. Besides, a damaged fence can be an eyesore, not to mention the high cost of replacing it.

The longer you can avoid a replacement, the better value you get from your fence. Luckily, you can employ several strategies to help your fence last longer. The following tips can help you maintain a solid wooden fence and avoid frequent, costly repairs in the long run.

1. Paint or Stain Your Fence Periodically 

Although the wood on your fence might be chemically treated during manufacturing, this protection cannot hold forever. Eventually, the protective material may wear off and expose the wood to harmful external elements. Your fence may start to warp and rot and lose its attractive appearance. You can paint or stain your fence every few months to maintain a neat and well-maintained appearance.

Remember to use the same stain type on your wooden fence if you decide to schedule a new treatment. If you use a different kind from the previous one, the two coats can fail to blend properly. You might notice several dull patches on some sections of your fence that can be hard to ignore.

2. Power Wash Your Fence 

You may need to wash your fence periodically to remove any moss or dirt on your wooden fence. Usually, moss spores and dirt particles may collect inside the small cracks on the wood.

And while the cracks themselves might be hardly visible, they become harder to ignore if debris accumulates inside them. These cracks become more conspicuous as they expand. In addition, the spores trapped inside can be a danger to you and your family.

A thorough pressure wash might be a good solution to keep mold away from your home and improve your yard’s curb appeal. The sheer force of water can easily reach thin cracks that would otherwise be difficult for you to access.

3. Examine Your Fence Regularly 

If you can identify a problem with your fence on time, you might avoid the high repair costs of a damaged fence. Take a closer look at your fence every few weeks, and check for any signs of damage or termite infestation. During the inspection, you might also notice chipped wood or loose nails along the fence that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Usually, many of these problems get worse with time and silently weaken your fence structure. For example, sections of warped paint may indicate possible water damage. The wood might begin to rot if you do not notice the signs of damage quickly. Damaged wood is not very reliable, and you would have to replace entire sections of your wooden fence.

You can also look out for adventurous tree roots that could grow directly under your fence. Root damage can catch you by surprise and easily damage your fence’s structural integrity. But if you identify the signs of root intrusion earlier, you can prevent further damage and help your fence last longer.

4. Trim Nearby Vegetation

Many people like to put bushes, trees, and plants near the fence to create an attractive and picturesque landscape. However, vegetation too close to the fence can create problems. For example, if your vegetation is right up against the fence, this increases the chances of accumulating and retaining moisture — which can be detrimental to your wooden fence.

So, if you like the sight of vegetation close to your fence, take the steps you need to ensure that the two elements retain even a small distance. As often as necessary, trim all vegetation to avoid close contact and keep your vegetation healthy and your fence safe.

Additionally, some trees might have roots that uplift the fence, fruit that drops all over the place, or branches that entangle with power lines. Careful placement consideration and maintenance will ensure that you can still enjoy the vegetation you love and the wooden fence you installed.

If you need any help with your wooden fence or want to learn more about how to protect it, reach out to us at Town & Country Fence today. We will be happy to go over any questions or concerns you have. We hope that you can enjoy your wooden fence for years to come.