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Chain Link Fencing — Affordable, Durable, and Easy To Upgrade

Today’s homeowners and commercial property owners can choose from a wide array of fencing options. But while you may want trending materials, the best that money can buy, or something you admired from a property makeover show, it’s not always possible. 

Property owners on a budget have fewer options and may have to take the most cost-effective and budget-friendly fencing choices. For many, this includes the chain link fence. Why should you consider chain link when you need to make the most of your money? And how can you dress it up and turn it into a beautiful fence of its own? Here’s what every fence shopper needs to know.

Why Choose Chain Link?

Chain link is a simple and useful fence material that lasts a long time and is suitable for most environments. It is a fence of choice for those who have a large property to fence, as it’s one of the most affordable fences available. Made from durable galvanized steel, you won’t have to spend much time or money on maintenance during its long life span. 

What Are the Downsides of Chain Link?

If chain link fences are so great, though, why doesn’t everyone have them? There are a few drawbacks that make some property owners hesitate. Perhaps the most common is the perception that they are not as attractive, chic, or modern as other types of fencing (like vinyl, wood, or aluminum). Some may associate chain link fencing with lower quality or frugality. 

Even if you do like the appearance of chain link fences, there is the matter of privacy. The diamond-shaped metal webbing does a great job at keeping out trespassers both large and small, but it doesn’t block views. This transparency is one reason it’s preferred among many commercial property owners but eschewed by residential homeowners. 

How Can You Add Privacy?

The good news is that you can add features that may make chain link fencing more amenable to your needs. Consider the concern over the lack of privacy. One of the easiest solutions is to purchase and install privacy slats. Woven in between the metal diamonds, hardy and flexible slats come in many colors ranging from bright white to earthy green and brown. Affix your slats in the designs that you prefer. 

Slats aren’t your only option, of course. Another simple solution is to add greenery to provide a natural visual barrier. Many homeowners enjoy planting some climbing and flowering vines around the fence. These form a beautiful privacy barrier over time, especially if you use evergreen vines. Don’t have that kind of time? Fast-growing shrubs on one side of the fence will do the same trick.

Can You Make Chain Link Fences Look Fancier?

Perhaps your biggest concern is the appearance of the fence. You may want a modern, trendy fence with inexpensive materials. You can have this, though, by installing some fun add-ons to the chain link fence. 

One change that can make a big difference is selecting a colorful metal fence instead of the traditional silver look. Chain link now comes pre-made in many colors, including the popular black or rustic brown, and sky blue fencing or hedge green if you want to minimize the visibility of your fence. On the other hand, snow white and other colors make it a statement piece. 

Do you have an artistic flair? Then chain link could be a great canvas for expression. Commercial and residential chain link fence owners have discovered that simple materials (such as colored plastic cups) placed in the diamond mesh can form any design they desire. Change up your artistic work as often as you like, including fun seasonal designs.

In addition, you might use fence tape, hand painting, or eclectic up-cycled panels to create an eye-catching and unique design using the fence as a base. No one will have the exact same fence as you, and it’s a wonderful conversation starter. 

Where Should You Start?

Whether you’re working on a budget or just want the simplest fencing solution, chain link could be a great choice for any property.

Learn more about its strengths and how to add more features to overcome weaknesses in either aesthetics or privacy by meeting with Town & Country Fence. We’ll help you determine all your available options and choose the right fence no matter what. Make an appointment today.