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Benefits and Care of Ornamental Iron Fencing

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When you need a new fence for your yard, you may want to consider an ornamental iron fence. Iron fences often evoke a mental image of elegance and strength. However, they are also versatile and can come in different styles and features. They have some practical benefits as well. Read on to learn more about the benefits of ornamental iron fences and how to keep yours in its best shape.

Ornamental Iron Versus Wrought-Iron

Wrought iron is a term used for handmade iron fashioned into ornately decorated fences and gates. People have used iron for thousands of years. It is known for its strength, pliability, and durability. Wrought iron fences became popular in modern times, especially in the mid-1800s. The Eiffel Tower is one example of the decorative use of iron during this era.

In contemporary times, iron is less popular since more inexpensive metals expanded into the market. Now, most iron fences are composite and called by different names like ornamental iron. Ornamental iron is usually machine-shaped but also very durable, like wrought iron. You can still find traditional hand-forged wrought iron, though often at a higher price.

Ornamental Iron Fence Benefits

Due to its longtime use, iron has proven benefits. Here is a list of some of the positive reasons to use ornamental iron fencing for your yard.


You will likely never need to replace your ornamental iron fence as long as you take good care of it. These fences can last for decades. Plus, the material is easily recyclable and reusable. Iron fences are popular in the resale market. Forgers can easily melt down iron (and iron composites) and repurpose it. So, the chance that your metal fence will end up in a landfill is very low.

Easy Maintenance

Compared to some other fence materials, ornamental iron needs very little maintenance. Ornamental iron often has a coat to prevent rust. However, ornamental iron can still rust if you neglect it. The good news is that if your fence needs repair, the material is easy to match.

Variety of Styles

The ability to custom-make and style your fence is a top reason why people choose ornamental iron over other materials. Two of the most common styles are arrow pickets and flat tops. You can even have your fence made with narrow pickets and a flat bottom to keep pets safe.

High Durability

Ornamental iron fences hold up well to all weather types, including rain and snow. Plus, it is pest-resistant. You won’t need to worry about termites or other insects gnawing on its parts. They also don’t warp or fade due to water or excessive sun exposure.

Very Strong and Secure

Ornamental iron fences are very strong and secure. The bars are usually too small for people to slip through. The average person or animal will also not be able to bend or break it as long as you keep it maintained. Add arrow pickets to them, and they’re even more difficult for someone to climb over. Therefore, they make excellent security fences.

Excellent Visibility

One added benefit of ornamental iron fences is that they don’t obscure visibility. You (and your pets) can easily see between the pickets. The fence doesn’t block essential light for your plants or your home. If the added visibility is a problem, you can also add landscaping for more privacy.

Pet Friendly

Ornamental iron fences are excellent for pet containment. Many people use ornamental iron for their pet pens. However, if you want to use iron for your pet fence, make sure you have the right-sized air gaps. Smaller dogs can get through traditionally-spaced pickets. You may also want to place other barriers to keep your pet contained.

Ornamental Iron Fence Care

Ornamental iron fences are very low-maintenance but not maintenance-free. You can do some easy things to keep your fence in good shape.

Wash Regularly

Hose down your fence regularly. If your fence needs further care, use mild soap and water to wash off stubborn dirt. Use a soft brush to get into tight areas.

Scrape Away Rust and Stubborn Dirt

Rust is rare on ornamental iron, but it can happen. If you find difficult-to-remove dirt or rust, use a wire brush to clean up the affected area. Don’t let rust sit too long, as it can start to eat through the metal.

Repaint Occasionally

You can touch up small areas, at first, to help preserve your fence’s appearance and integrity. However, if you have a lot of missing paint or coating, you may want to repaint the whole thing. If you have kept up with your other maintenance, you shouldn’t have to do this often.

When it comes to fences, you have a variety of choices. If an ornamental iron fence fits your needs and tastes, Town & Country Fence can get you started. We offer a variety of fence materials and styles to meet your expectations. If ornamental iron is not for you, we can help you with another fence type and material. We can also help you with repairs if you need them. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.