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5 Fence Designs Inspired by Animated Movies & Cartoons

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The world of cartoons and animated movies includes a lot of fantastical elements, but the artists who create the projects also design many realistic elements into their creations. While you may focus on the lively characters, songs, and special effects, animated projects have featured a wide range of unique fence designs over the years.

If you seek out a new fence for your home or property, check out some of the designs taken straight from some iconic animated projects. Along with the base design, you can add your own personal tweaks and preferences to really make the fence all your own.

1. Up House Fence

Not only does Pixar’s Up feature one of the most iconic movie houses, but it also showcases an iconic fence design. In the moments before the house floats away, you can spot great views of the fence, especially during the movie’s opening montage.

The Up fence is a classic white picket fence that goes around the whole patch of property. The fence features an entry gate. The fence serves as more of an ornamental design with a good amount of space featured between each picket. Posts placed into the ground add some stability to the fence design and help create a nice patterned look.

For a more realistic view of the house, you can find inspiration from a replica of the house made in real life. View galleries online of the house or visit the house in person. When you select a picket fence design for your home, you can choose finished wood in a variety of colors including the bright white featured on this home.

2. The Simpson’s Fence

For more than thirty years, the fence that stands between The Simpson’s house and the Flanders’ residence has stood strong. Homer Simpson enjoys keeping Ned Flanders away from his property and the fence helps as much as possible.

The natural wooden fence featured on the show is often shown very high and features panels without any spaces between them. The fence adds a lot of privacy to their home and extends around the backyard as well. If you seek privacy and relaxation, then consider the installation of a wooden estate fence.

Similar to the cartoon design, the fence stands tall and can extend around multiple areas of your property. An estate fence will typically feature a flat top as opposed to the pointed planks on The Simpson’s, but you can customize the fence as you please.

3. Wayne Manor’s Ornamental Iron Fence

Batman has had many cartoons over the years and a majority of them feature Wayne Manor. Often crafted with a classic gothic style, the entranceway to Wayne Manor will typically feature an elegant fence as well. As opposed to a lot of the classic wooden fence designs, Wayne Manor features an ornamental iron fence.

The black finish of the fence adds to the mysteriousness of Batman and creates an ominous entrance to the giant home. You can add an ornamental iron fence to your property to create a similar elegant look. Iron fences look nice around driveway areas, pool areas, and gardens. You can select a design that keeps pets inside your property and still has the elegant look.

4. Minnie Mouse Country House Fence

The whimsical world of Mickey Mouse and his friends showcases a number of animated houses and designs. One of the more colorful and iconic designs includes Minnie’s Country House. The home is seen in many different cartoons and TV shows that feature the Minnie Mouse character.

The fence design is a classic white picket fence with curves on some of the pickets. While you may not want the unique shapes as part of your fence, you could draw inspiration from the round posts used in the fence. The large and thick fence posts add a unique design and showcase how you could customize a fence of your own.

A real version of the country house once appeared at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and still stands in the Toontown portion of Disneyland in California.

5. Over The Hedge Cedar Fence

In the animated film Over the Hedge, a lot of attention is brought to a giant hedge that gets built on the outskirts of a new residential neighborhood. Despite the focus on the hedge, the movie also features a wide range of fences in the new suburban neighborhood. Throughout the movie, you can see animals climb over fences, bust through them, and cause trouble.

In real life, the tall full panel cedar plank fences would easily keep the animals out of your yard. The fences retain their natural wood color and feature a tight design with no space between the planks. The tops of the fences have a flat design and timeless quality a fencing company could easily replicate in real life.

The posts on the fences also feature dark post caps to add a little contrast and a nice visual to the overall design.

For all of your fence installation needs, contact us at Town & Country Fence. We can help you plan and design your ideal fence design. You could even show us clips or screenshots from animated projects to illustrate the type of fence you want to install.