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4 Ways To Increase Backyard Privacy With Fence Installations

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When you enjoy your backyard for relaxation and everyday enjoyment, you probably don’t want neighbors peeking in and having full visuals of your outdoor activities. While your neighborhood or city laws may have limits on the fence height installation, you can find some unique ways to add extra privacy to your fence installation.

When you work with a professional fencing company, you can work on these methods and help transform your backyard into a fully private area. Check out some of the ways to increase your privacy and get creative with your fence installation.

1. Solid Wood Fences

While you may find limits on the height of a fence, you can still block off views between the pickets and panels. A solid wood fence installation will not feature any open gaps or areas where someone can look inside. A fence company can provide a solid formation where every plank closes any gaps.

The durability of the wood will also allow the fence to stand and add privacy for years to come. A solid wood design can expand around the perimeter of your yard and block off views from every angle. A fence contractor will look into local laws and ordinances to see the maximum height available for the fence installation.

2. Step-Down Backyard Entryway

If your area has limits on fence height, then you can change your backyard to make the fence height seem even taller. For example, you could add raised edges all around your backyard so the fence sits taller. You could also reach out to a landscaping company to dig and flatten out your backyard.

For example, a landscape company could make your backyard a foot lower than the outer edges where the fence installation would go. At a fence entry point, you could add stone steps to reach the backyard. Such a major change in the landscaping will make your fences look taller and make it harder for people to see into your backyard.

3. Trellis Fence Toppers

In some places, you could expand the height of your fence with a trellis fence topper. A trellis topper is not a solid fence piece but features cross-weaved patterns that extend along the length of the fence. Along with the trellis, such an installation gives you multiple ways to add extra privacy to a backyard area.

For example, a trellis provides an ideal location for plants to grow. Vine-based plants can grow between the holes of a trellis and create extra privacy. The plant-based growth will also add a unique look to your fence. You could choose plants that flower in specific colors and create an impressive display for the backyard.

You could also fill the trellis with fake plant installations so you do not have to worry about caring for the plants or the overgrowth of vines down the side of the fence. The fake plant options give you a lot more to work with and can provide full coverage for the trellis area all year long.

4. Fence Post Hangers

When you get a new fence installation, the posts provide the sturdiest part of the fence. Fence posts can also support the installation of hangers. Sturdy hook hangers can provide some unique ways to add extra privacy to the backyard area. For example, on the exterior of the fence, you have the option to add planters on the hooks.

The growth of the plants can provide extra coverage over the top of the fence. Choose plants that grow tall and wide. Some plants will bloom large as well and create some nice flowers. When you keep the plants in hanging pots, you do not need to worry about overgrowth or roots that impact the fence itself.

You could install flag holders on the fence posts as well. Hang up some of your favorite flags to show some pride. The flags will also provide a natural privacy blocker as they rise up above the fence height and wave naturally in the wind.

If you add multiple flags across the fence area, then you can provide a lot of privacy coverage for your backyard. Along with national flags or flags representing different organizations like sports teams, you can hang flags with seasonal designs. For example, in the winter months, you could display flags with images like snowmen or winter birds.

Play around with different ideas and different sizes to see what works best on your fence installation.

If you want more ideas or need more information on wooden privacy fence installations, contact us at Town & Country Fence. We can give you a free estimate on your fence installation and provide your whole backyard with a wooden fence. Not only do our wooden fences provide privacy, but the natural cedar designs add a lot of beauty to your backyard area.