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4 Cedar Fence Add-Ons to Increase Protection & Durability

When you install a cedar fence on your property, you expect the fence to last a long time. While the strength and durability of cedar is impressive, there are two primary ways to add extra protection and help increase the life of your fence. One is to upgrade to pre-stained fencing materials and the other is to upgrade standard fence posts to Pipe Base posts.

A fencing company will typically offer these upgrades as options so you can choose the options that best fit your fencing needs and unique property. Read on to learn more about these options to increase the life of your beautiful cedar fence.

Pre-stained Fence

Add protection when you elect to install a pre-stained cedar fence. Pre-stained fence boards and rails receive a stain treatment while they are in the raw materials stage. The stain is absorbed much more deeply into the materials with this method than with a post-installation stain application. Stain can add a hint of color or be highly pigmented and it can help create a nice uniform look among the fence boards, but most importantly it adds protection to the fence boards, post caps and rails in two primary ways.

Stain can help protect the wood from excess moisture. Rain and humidity can permeate untreated fence materials and accelerate or promote rot over time. If you elect to install a pre-stained fence, you can eliminate the tedious chore or extra cost of staining your fence after the fence company completes installation. The finished pre-stained fence looks great on your property and enhances the beauty of the natural grain and color of the cedar.

The stain application not only protects your cedar fence materials from moisture, it also protects your fence from UV light. Over time, UV light will cause the natural color of wood to fade, and with cedar this means your fence will turn gray over time if left untreated. Stain is to wood what sunscreen is to skin. The added protection of pre-stained materials will not only enhance the curb appeal of your fence, it will also extend the life of your fence boards and rails.

Pipe Base Posts

The last thing you want is to invest in a beautiful cedar fence and then have one big windstorm or rain event cause your fence to topple over. Allow your fence to better withstand, wind, rain and other environmental factors with the addition of a pipe base posts.

Standard fence posts are set directly into a concrete filled post hole. In many applications standard posts are sufficient to withstand environmental factors. However, in areas prone to excess moisture or exposure to weather, you may want to consider pipe base posts.

Pipe base posts are standard posts with an added galvanized metal pipe drilled into the bottom of the post. The galvanized pipe is set into the concrete filled post hole, rather than the wood post being set into concrete. The galvanized pipe has the advantage of not being prone to rot caused by excess moisture and will be a strong foundation for your fence panels in even the most environmentally challenging exposures.

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